Wednesday, July 19, 2023

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Gus is joined by Deacon Mike Houghton, a permanent deacon and the executive director of UTG at Work. UTG stands for “Unleash the Gospel.” Deacon Mike was a longtime employee for General Motors who is retired now and shares that although he cherishes his long career there, sharing his faith openly went from something common to something you had to do almost in secret. His organization provides solid, practical advise and solutions people of faith can implement in order to safely express their faith and evangelize.

Afterwards, Gus invites listeners to call in and talk about how they share their faith in the workplace and whether or not it's been successful.

Also, Gus shares something that happened to him recently. A few days ago, he was driving along a fairly rural road and a squirrel ran out in front of him. There wasn’t enough time for him to really do anything and ended up running it over. It’s happened to him a few times in his life and always feels badly when it happens. He asks listeners to call in if that’s ever happened to them and how it affected them.

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  • Gina Cunnigham: July 24, 2023

    Topic of Wokeness came up again on the show today. Here’s a little poem that I think provides food for thought:
    Listen to Jesus instead of the woke, if you want to find peace you must take up His yoke.
    Thanks for your show!

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