Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Kallie Fell calls in to talk about her new book, “The Detransition Diaries,” which she co-authored with Jennifer Lahl. If focuses on the gruesome practice of medical gender transition of young children. They talk about the ethics, or lack thereof, in this movement, the suppression of men and women who’ve regretted doing this and wish to detransition, where this is headed and the history of it all. They also talk about the large role social media has played in all of this, how young women are more affected by this than young men and how this has become big business.

Also, we're two weeks into Lent so Gus invites listeners to call in and give their Lenten Report Card grades so far and also does his daily Lenten reading and reflection of Psalm 51.

And whenever Gus does Tell Me Something Good on Monday mornings, Gus always tells people who want to kvetch and complain not to call in; that he’ll do something with them at another time. Well, this is the time. He invites listeners who have something they wish to get off their chest to call in and sound off.


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