Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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Today is Gus and Michelle's 38th wedding anniversary. Gus talks about its evolution over those years and how God has worked through it since the beginning, even though they didn't start out as devout Catholics. In fact, neither of them were practicing when they got married. Oh how things have changed. Later, Gus talks with listeners about the role of faith in their marriages and how it's change over time.

Later, Gus recounts an incident last week where he and a friend were dining at a restaurant and were approached by a homeless woman who asked them for $20 so she could sleep at the local Salvation Army shelter. Gus gave her $10 and his friend gave her $5 and didn't receive so much as a thank you from the woman. Gus asks listeners what they would do when confronted by a panhandler.

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  • Palma: September 04, 2018

    Buy them a meal.

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