Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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Gus resurrects his Pew Evangelization Project, where he gives away copies of his Minute in the Church books as long as the winners agree to leave it in the pew on Easter morning.

Also, in today's Gospel from St. John. In it, Jesus talks about hearing his voice, both now and after his death. Gus says that Jesus talks to each of us in many different ways. He asks listeners about a time in their life they clearly heard Jesus speaking to them.


  • Gus Lloyd: April 04, 2019

    The books we give away are only for on-air giveaways. You can order copies from the web site – they’re inexpensive and effective!

  • ANN DEAKERS: April 04, 2019

    i love your idea of leaving a minute in the church book in the pew on easter…maybe people should put note on cover instead of inside. are you just giving to people who get on your show…want able to get on this morning, but love the idea! a free book from Matthew Kelly from our church, was life changing for me!!! any way to get a copy to leave in a pew?

  • Wanda Morales: April 03, 2019

    I wanted to comment on hearing God’s voice. Sometimes I have to drive 3-4 hrs for work. Recently I was driving and worrying…and I heard a distinct man’s voice so clearly that I turned my head toward the passenger seat. Of course it was empty..can’t imagine what I would have done if He had been there. LOL. But He said “take your eyes off the world and keep them on Me” !

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