Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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Gus talks about going to see his grandsons play baseball this past Saturday and, as he and Michelle were walking towards the park, they passed a father and son. They overheard the father say to the son, "Well you've been dogging it the whole $#&@ing game!" Gus couldn't believe what he'd heard and offered a prayer up for the child who looked pretty dejected. He invites listeners to call in and share a good, bad or ugly youth sports story.
Also, Gus is joined by Jeremy Christiansen in the Conversion Corner. Jeremy is one of the rare converts from Mormonism and he documents his faith journey in his new Ignatius Press book, "From the Susquehanna to the Tiber: A Memoir of Conversion from Mormonism to the Roman Catholic Church."

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  • Steve: October 12, 2022

    Hi Gus,
    welcome to the wonderful world of youth sports. Someone could write a book just about the antics of the coaches and parents. Start taking notes now!

    Time for good news: I had a thought this morning about having Gregorian Masses said during the month of November for the souls in purgatory. Before Mass, I spoke to the sacristan at our church about it. She suggested having the Masses listed in the bulletin as being from the “Parish of Divine Mercy”. I asked her to receive the donations toward the 30 Masses and give them to the parish secretary. I then approached about a dozen daily Mass attendees with the idea. They were thrilled. After lunch, I spoke to the parish secretary to give her my donation. She already had an envelope with $20 in it. She will set up 1 Mass every day during the month. I hope the idea spreads!

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