Tuesday, November 16, 2021

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This morning, Gus is joined by Eric Sammons, editor-in-chief of Crisis Magazine, to talk about a controversial new book called American Pope: Scott Hahn and the Rise of Catholic Fundamentalism, which is a hit piece on the noted Catholic theologian and apologist. Gus admits he hasn't, and won't, read the book but Eric has and he breaks down the book and the author Sean Swain Martin's flawed thinking and dubious motivations. 

Over the course of their conversation, Eric Sammons surmised that one of Sean Swain Martin's main purposes was to establish the notion that there is such a thing as Catholic fundamentalism in the U.S. but his definition is so broad that it incorporates anybody who believes the Catholic faith to be the one, true faith. Gus says that, if that's the criteria, then the author can consider him one as well. Gus invites listeners who've been influenced by Scott Hahn in any kind of way to call in and share their stories.
Later, based on a conversation Gus had with a listener recently who said he stopped going to mass after his parents got divorced when he was a teen, Gus invites listeners who are either divorced or the child of a divorce and what were the effects on their faith life.


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