Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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Gus talks about the 2018 Met Gala, which took place in NYC last night. The theme this year was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination," which bore the seal of approval from the Vatican. In Gus' opinion, some of the outfits were very outlandish, and borderline offensive, and asks listeners if an event like this is a tool of evangelization or a mockery?

Later, Gus is joined in his home studio by Katherine Cooper who shares her conversion story, which included sexual and physical abuse as a young child at the hands of her father.


  • Doc: May 11, 2018

    There is an old Native America story that goes like this:

    There are two wolves, one is angry, jealous, and bitter. The other is loyal, protective, and kind. The two wolves fight. Who wins the fight depends on who you feed.

    Hollywood, 5th Avenue, Madison Ave, recording companies and so on, are all desperate to be, do, sell the next “it” thing. To do that, they NEED attention – publicity. The attention you give them, will determine what you get from them.

    If you truly are offended by some costumes at the MET gala, let the celebrity, the MET, and all corporation’s the celebrity represents know how you feel.

    Write letters to those who offended you to explain how you have ceased to buy their product and how they can win back your support.

    AND write to those who did not offend you, to tell them thank you and that you intend to support their career and / or product.

    And stop feeding mental energy and money into the um….. compost pile and invest, instead, on the good fruit in your garden.

    Each individual has to own responsibility. Like it or not, where you spend time and money is what you are feeding and it is your responsibility to make prudent choices.

    Just sayin’… it is what it is.


  • Sue Babin: May 10, 2018

    Good morning Gus, I was listening to your show while driving to work (as I do most mornings) and just had to see what you were talking about in respect to the Met Gala. I agree, that some of the costumes were absolutely gaudy and disrespectful. My thoughts are, take a look at who is wearing them and then look at some of the dresses they wear to other red carpet events. Also, take a look at how they live their lives. There is nothing anyone could have said or done to keep them from dressing the way they dressed. I respect what the Vatican was trying to do and I believe the way we combat the negative aspect of this is to talk about the positives. Some of the women were absolutely stunning and their “costumes” were very tasteful. Take Pryanka Chopra and Ariana Grande’s dresses for example. They were absolutely stunning and the fabric was very appropriately used.

  • Mark: May 10, 2018

    Brother Gus. God bless you.

    Listening to your show on the Met Gala you seem overly concerned with the clothing.

    It is just clothes. Means nothing unless it was in the heart of the promoter to trash the Church using false pretenses to the Church. In that case let the promoter face God. It is not my concern.

  • Lisa Caltabiano: May 10, 2018

    I caught the second half of Catherine Coopers story. Has she written a book about her experience and conversion?

  • Gus Lloyd: May 09, 2018

    Hey, Steven! You can listen to the show for a week after on Sirius XM On Demand. Thanks for listening!

  • Steven Alldredge : May 09, 2018

    I’m a new convert. I was listening to the show on may 8th. Your conversation with Katherine cooper was so in powering to me. I was trying to explain to my wife how powerful this was. Is there any way to find this so she can here what I heard!

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