Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Gus welcomes Terry Mattingly, editor of GetReligion.org to the show. Get Religion is a news-checking organization that monitors how religious stories are reported in the U.S. and how news organizations go about reporting the religious point-in-view in particular stories, if they even do at all. Afterwards, Gus invites listeners to call in and share what news sources they trust and what they think about the mainstream media's coverage of Joe Biden's faith.

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  • Maggie : May 19, 2021

    I was listening this morning on your segment of the Bishops and/or Priest reinstating the sunday obligation for attending church every Sunday.
    Growing up catholic, knowing attending church weekly was important to our faith, still think that way. So covid comes, disrupts the concept of attending weekly, so we go with the flow, right…
    Now I’m listening – a year later, the “ Bishop and/or Priest” are going to lift the restriction, of not attending (aka, it’s not a mortal sin) to reinstate the weekly obligation.

    Lets just say… I’m a sometime church goer, and really have a desire to attend church, and the feeling of guilt does resignated when not attend because” I was raised to attend….And now you hear the Bishop /Priest are going to “reinstate”the obligation or it’s a mortal sin….
    My question is, is it a mortal sin because the Bishop say so, or is it really a mortal sin…. Who really says it’s a mortal sin, shouldn’t it be God? I guess I’m assuming you are saying that the Bishops are speaking for God, but why are we as Catholics being guilted in to attend church, why not it be because you want to attend?
    I like attending- no doubt in my mind, but I don’t like being guilted into doing anything, what fun is that! And if we’re guilting our young people into weekly mass attendance, is that part of the problem for their low attendance, I’m not sure, but if so, how dishearting to think, because I’m pretty sure My God, know’s I love him for who I am, and I’m not guilted into doing so.

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