Tuesday, March 5, 2019

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Gus talks about tithing this morning, which is the subject of today's First Reading from the Book of Sirach, which says "Give to the Most High as he has given to you, according to your means." The Biblical standard for tithing is 10% of your income. On average, Catholics give about 1.5%. Periodically, parishes will talk about giving or fundraising during their homilies and Gus asks listeners if the Church talks about giving too much, just right or not enough. Gus hears from a few callers who have withheld their donations entirely because of the clergy sex abuse scandal.

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  • Phillip: March 05, 2019

    I tried calling in but could not get through.I am a survivor of clergy abuse, I have never wanted to sue the Church, money would do me no good in the healing I need. The Church has been most helpful in my healing process by listening to me, removing the priest, and paying for a Counsler. When I hear people say they are withholding their money now it drives me crazy. Now that the Church is finally helping the victims they won’t pay, but they paid during the many years of abuse and cover up, what does that really say they are supporting then? We finally have a Pope who is unafraid to face this ugliness head on, let us all support him in this reformation of our Church. And please remember that even though you dont hear us call in, I assure you many other survivors are listening, so think about that when you call in.

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