Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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Gus reads Cardinal Dolan's recent Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece in which it's pretty much laid right out in the headline, "Democrats Abandon Catholics." Cardinal Dolan doesn't mince any words and talks about how the Democrats used to be the party, in his grandparents' and parents' day, that welcomed Catholics and now, with the hard-line, non-negotiable stance on abortion and their stance against tax credits for parents whose children attend Catholic schools, which makes it much more difficult for the children of lower income and middle class families to attend Catholic school. Gus gets listener reaction.


  • Maria Grijalva: August 21, 2020

    So it’s ok to vote for a fornicator , p…grabbing name calling person . Then for a Catholic man . One who believes in iequality as Our Lord Jesus Christ believed . You Republicans are pure hate and hypocrites. I will tune out Gus and Cardinal Dolan . I actually used to like and respect both of them!

  • Mike Hodkiewicz: March 27, 2018

    STANDING O for Gus. OUTSTANDING. I was able to hear your conversation with Lynn on Cardinal Dolan’s WSJ op end. First allowing Lynn to speak and then your very appropriate responses, standing your ground and then ending the conversation. Gus, IT WAS A CLASSIC!! Thank you. God Bless and Happy Easter++

  • Jerry Ferguson: March 27, 2018

    Mr. Lloyd,

    I had just left daily mass this morning, got in my car and decided to tune into The Catholic Channel, thinking I would hear some Lenten programming. However, I was quite shocked to hear the conversation about politics, and the discussion was so Conservative biased, I thought I was on Fox News. You allowed several Republicians callers to verbally abuse the Democratic Party during the time in which I was tuned in. As for Cardinal Dolan’s comments, with all due respect, I felt the comments were very unfair. The Catholic Church “in America” support politicians that are hypocritical to the words of Jesus. Take the Sermon on the Mount, the Democrats are more closely aligned with Jesus teachings in this respect. Democrats are more aligned with the human person, as described in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, many Republicans are like to think of themselves as self-righteous and are unwilling to assist the that are living in the margins of life. I realize Cardinal Dolan is a holy man, but his decision to dive into American politics will cause much hate in this country, which was evidenced on you show this morning. BTW, I call myself a Democrat for Social Justice, and I think abortion is wrong, but I also believe we have a law that covers this wrong-doing, it’s called The Fifth Commandment of God, “you shall not kill”.

    I sincerely pray for those who do not love their neighbor as Jesus commanded.

  • Leke Brisku: March 27, 2018

    Cardinal Dolan is right. I have been a registered voter since I was 18, that’s 27 years and never remember or recall the Democratic party being the party that the Catholics could or should rally behind. I recall being told that they were the party that most closely aligned to Catholics but, when one stops and actually looks at the party umbrella and what they stand for, they are very anti-Catholic in values.
    That said, is the Republican party any more pro-Catholic? Not really, I just find that with fiscal issues and right to religion, and right to life issues Catholics are better served by voting Republican. When we have a two party system we’ll never be able to completely support any one party right down the line. As Catholics, we’ll need to choose representatives that will support truth. In today’s Democratic Party if you do not agree with them 100% you are racist, bigot, homophobe, white supremacist etc, etc. Today’s Democrats (and at times Republicans too, they just don’t control the media) are vehemently against if you disagree on any topic that they feel strongly about. Just look at all the protesting they do, all the vulgar displays at the women’s rallies, the hate they spew if you believe that an unborn has a right to life as much as a criminal has a right to being given the chance to repent and change (anti-death penalty, hence not a conservative Republican stance). The world is a mess, and we need prayer and God in it. Jesus, is the only one who can heal all the evil. The evil one is at work to keep the body of Christ from being unified, and he does a good job at fooling people. I believe when we vote we need to vote with a Catholic lens and we need to choose those candidates that will better serve Catholic values. People will never be able to serve all values under an umbrella of Left or Right. Those who can serve best are moderates but, they get ostracised because today we have politically become very polarized by the media. Let’s pray that more people will slow down and perhaps hear God speaking to them in their choices for representatives. Choices that will truly provide us the opportunity to be free from sin. When we choose liberty (which is great) we seem to confuse that with being anti-religion, especially the Christian religion. True liberty is not to be enslaved by all the sin that we legally allow to happen in our secular world.

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