Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Yesterday, Gus saw the movie I Can Only Imagine yesterday. The movie talks about the story behind MercyMe's song, which went on to be the biggest-selling Christian single of all time. Songwriter Bart Millard, who was also the band's lead singer, grew up with an abusive father and abandoned by his mother. His dad eventually changed and they reconciled. The song was inspired by his death.

Inspired by Bart Millard's story, not to mention his own, Gus invites listeners who've been estranged from parents or children and if there was any reconciliation and forgiveness or not.

Gus wraps with the Pew Evangelization Project where he gives away copies of A Minute in the Church to listeners who promise to leave them in the pew following Easter mass.

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  • Debbie Almquist: March 20, 2018

    Hi Gus,
    Earlier in lent you spoke about your father, who though not a good communicator, was a good provider.
    In my own family, my father was a child of the depression, whose parents divorced and the family was challenged to find a means of living. He never saw his father again., but he was a good provider to his own family.
    I have shared your talk about your father with my brothers and sisters and we have had a personal reconciliation with our father, because we are able to see him through his eyes, not our own. Unfortunately, our father died in 2012, but I do believe he knows. Thank you for sharing your story.

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