Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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Last week, another physician-assisted suicide bill was struck down in the state of Maryland. The proposed “End-of-Life Option” would’ve legalized physician-assisted suicide for certain patients with terminal illnesses. Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie of the Catholic Association called in to talk about physician-assisted suicide and why the Catholic Church is against it and how and why this movement has grown. She and Gus talk about how some people have good intentions but elaborate on how this type of care is dehumanizing. Assisting a person to a natural end of life involves time and care, which is how we’ve progressed as a society and how giving somebody a pill or a shot to end their life isn’t much different than pagan sacrifices. Dr. Christie also talks about how her father passed away recently from ALS and how taking care of him to the end was a great joy and blessing.

Afterwards, inspired by Dr. Christie’s story of assisting her father to his natural end-of-life, Gus invites listeners who’ve experienced providing palliative care to a loved one and he talks about his own experience with his sister Nancy.

Also, Gus goes over a story out of Ireland where citizens there voted to keep “motherhood” and traditional family in the Constitution by a wide margin. A very woke “Family Amendment” proposed a removal of a clause in country’s 1937 Constitution that stressed the importance of marriage and family to society and sought to redefine “family” as either “founded on marriage or other durable relationships.” The amendment also proposed taking away the terms “women” and “mother” away. Irish Prime Minister Leo Vardkar and other progressive politicians were blindsided by the reaction and remarked how wrong they got it.


  • Gus Lloyd: March 15, 2024

    You can listen on the Sirius XM app, but only for about a week after airing.
    Thanks for listening!

  • Madalyn Field: March 15, 2024

    Where can I listen to March 12th show? Interview with Dr. Grazie? Can’t find audio of show.

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