Tuesday, March 1, 2022

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Archbishop Borys Gudziak, the Archeparc of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philiadelphia calls in to talk about Russia's assault on Ukraine. He talks about the reasons why Vladimir Putin wants Ukraine under Russian control and what we can do in terms of action and prayer. He urges us to pray for an end to this war and for Putin's conversion.
Also, Kristen Van Uden from Sophia Institute Press calls in to talk about a classic book they're reprinting called "Rooting Out Our Hidden Faults." It was written by Fr. James McElhone and originally published in 1952. It's a wonderful work that assists people in examining their consciences and offers ways to help people stop committing habitual sin.
And, we're about to head into the Season of Lent, Gus talks about the practice of giving something up. He invites listeners to call in and share the thing they gave up for Lent that proved to be the most difficult.

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  • Steve: March 06, 2022

    Archbishop GUDZIAK was inspiring. He “seized the day!” Prayers for the conversion of Putin are very important, as are prayers for the Ukranian people.
    I like to remember the story about the young U.S. Marine in Korea and St. Michael the Archangel. He made a promise to his mother to pray this prayer every morning: “Michael, Michael of the morning…”
    I’ll let you read about it.
    His Sergeant wanted to know how he did what he did. The Marine was puzzled. His story was verified by a Priest. Only part of the prayer was in the story I read. The prayer was later taught to other U.S. Marines.
    I now pray it every morning.
    I had to do some searching for the remainder of the prayer. I think this is it:

    “Michael, Michael of the morning,
    Fresh Chord of Heaven adoring,
    Keep me safe today
    and in times of temptation,
    chase the devil away.”

    If you find that I am wrong, please let me know.

    Thanks! Steve
    p.s. I was once fortunate enough to meet you at Holy Family Parish in southern NJ.

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