Tuesday, June 5, 2018

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It's Day 2 of the Danube River Cruise/Pilgrimage and Gus kicks the show off talking with Fr. John Williamson who, along with Fr. Leo, is co-hosting the pilgrimage with Gus. Fr. Williamson shares his vocation story. 

Then, Gus continues to get to know the pilgrims and sits down in the Conversion Corner with Paul and Deborah Minot.



Later, Gus and Fr. Leo talk about the unique cuisine of Budapest, Hungary and the spirituality that can be found in food. Also, Gus talks about yesterday's Supreme Court decision in favor of the Jack Phillips and the Masterpiece Cakeshop who was sued several years ago by a gay couple who wanted him to bake a cake for their same-sex wedding. Phillips refused, contending it violated his conscience protection rights and religious freedom. Gus gives his thoughts on the decision as well as the Vatican's decision yesterday to block a measure attempted by several German bishops to allow Holy Communion in some instances for spouses of Catholics who are in interfaith marriages with Lutherans.




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