Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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Gus is joined by Archbishop Timothy Broglio, bishop of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, who talks with Gus about the recent directive handed down from the U.S. Navy that prevents its servicemen and women from attending any off-base religious services in an attempt to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Also, although unenforceable, the Navy also highly recommends that family members as well not attend off-base  religious services as well. Archbishop Broglio issued a statement a couple of days ago expressing his concerns for members of the U.S. Navy being denied their first amendment rights and provides Gus with an update.

Afterwards, Gus gives his thoughts on the Navy's order and gets listener commentary as well. He also reads a questionable list compiled by MLive, which ranks coronavirus risk level by activity with one being the lowest risk and nine being the highest. According to the list, attending church services is riskier than self-serve gas stations, buffets, barber shops, movie theaters and public pools, to name a few. Gus questions the authenticity of the data and believes it's ranked that high because of an animous towards religion.

And Gus takes some time to talk about families. Last week was Gus' brother Gary's birthday and, for the next 10 days, they'll both be the same age because they were born less than 12 months apart. It's a phenomenon often referred to as "Irish twins." Gus invites listeners who are Irish twins, or have them in their family, to call in and share their story. Later, he includes listeners who call in and are from a large family.

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  • David Whelchel: July 07, 2020


    I really appreciate your show and have been listening for several years. Keep up the good work. In today’s show you referred to a risk chart for and were rightly disturbed about the place of worship on it. The only chart that I could find was the one from the Texas Medical Association (a group that “should” speak with some authority). In looking at that chart they specify that the risk is “Attending a religious service with 500+ worshipers” . I would agree with this assessment having seen on the news some of the out of control Protestant gathering that totally ignoring the risks of COVID 19 and where they have an explicit political statement to make. I think that you exercised a little hyperbole on this one issue :-).

    Again Thanks for your show.

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