Tuesday, July 2, 2019

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Gus reads an article out of the Morning Call in Allentown, Pennsylvania, which talks about how the Diocese of Allentown will be reducing its staff by 25%, mostly through early retirement and attrition, in order to pay victims of clergy sex abuse. The article further states that no funds from collections or those used for Catholic schools will be used for compensation. Gus asks listeners if they would still give if they knew their donations were going to pay victims of clergy sex abuse.

Also, whenever Gus encounters a person who tells him that he or she is Catholic, he always asks himself what that means. He asks listeners to fill in the blank on what the minimum requirement is for people who identify as Catholic.


  • Rosemarie Hollerbach : July 08, 2019

    It is frustrating to hear talk of people saying they are not going to Mass or contributing to the Church because of the abuse crisis…why would they do this? Why give up your salvation? Satan started this scandal and they are giving into him. Fr. Mike Schmitz said “don’t leave…lead”.

  • Kelly: July 08, 2019


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