Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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Today Gus talked about how his son had a recent struggle about questioning his future and whether or not he wanted to stay in school. (He has decided to finish out his last year at college.) Listeners called to share stories about leaving school because of similar struggles.

Billy Guevara joined the show to talk about his experience in Hurricane Harvey and to thank listeners for helping him during Project Christmas 2017. Thanks to your help, Billy hopes to be back in his home next month. Pray for Billy and all still struggling after natural disasters.

Finally, Gus talked about spiritual attack and spiritual warfare. Listeners shared their stories of Satan attacking them and how they achieved victory in Christ.

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  • Judy hendricks: January 09, 2018

    I am a non CAtholic charismatic Christian, former Baptist. I love you show and often listen to it! Today was so timely as I’ve really been under attack lately. I know it is a Satanic attack and God really came to my rescue through scriptures. I am overcoming fear of the future with he blood of Jesus!!!!Thank you again. (P.s. I have lots of Catholc ancestors since I am Sotch-Irish!)

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