Tuesday, January 30, 2024

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Gus is joined in studio by Hani Awwad, a Christian guide in the Holy Land. A big part of Israel's economy is tourism and pilgrimages, particularly among Christians who visit the Holy Land throughout the year. He talks about how stressful the past four years have been for others, first with COVID and now with the Israel-Palestine War on the Gaza Strip and what he anticipates for the future.
Also, Gus talks about the recent Vatican's recent document "Fiducia supplicans," which gives guidelines to priests worldwide for the blessing of same-sex couples. It's caused great confusion among the faithful as well as the clergy and bishops in many countries have reacted differently. In Africa, Hungary and Poland, the bishops there have outright refused to do this, while in places like Germany, Argentina and Austria have welcomed it with open arms. Gus gives his opinion on it and then invites listeners to call in and share their thoughts.


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