Tuesday, August 29, 2023

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We're in the midst of another hurricane season and the state of Florida is bracing for Hurricane Idalia to hit sometime this evening. In fact, Tampa is just outside of its path and Gus will feel its impact tonight and tomorrow. He welcomes Catholic Charities of Northwest Florida President Matthew Knee who talks with Gus about how they prepare to help victims of the storm and what exactly they do. He also talks about how Catholic Charities serves everybody and not just Catholics. Afterwards, as Gus and millions of people across Florida face down another hurricane, he invites listeners who've lived through a natural disaster to call in and share their experiences.
Also, yesterday, Gus spent most of the show dispensing pearls of St. Augustine's wisdom from his Augustine Day By Day book and wasn't able to get to Tell Me Something Good. He makes up for that today.
And Gus goes over some Catholic news items of interest, including the South Carolina Supreme Court upholding the state's Fetal Heartbeat Bill, which bans abortion after six weeks. Also, in Michigan, U.S. District Court Paul Maloney found that the city of East Lansing violated Steve Tennes and his Country Mills Farms' first amendment rights when they refused to allow him to sell his fruits at their farmers market because of his public views on marriage being between one man and one woman. And, in Alabama, a federal court upheld a state law that banned hormonal sex treatments for children.


  • Rich McLean: September 03, 2023

    Thank you for your response. Gus. That interview. Wow. It pulled back the curtain on the travesty of our prison systems cloaked in ugliness and hopelessness, “like they deserve?” Until Eric and others following God with their gifts come to share beauty with the Jesuses in those prisons. The interview inspired me to seek and find more beauty in the world that God has gifted us. And to share it with others.

    How will I know if it makes “Best of Show?”

  • Gus Lloyd: September 01, 2023

    Rich, I’m sorry but the conversation with Eric expired from the SXM app, and I cannot post it. Perhaps it will come up soon as a “best of” show.

  • Rich McLean: August 31, 2023

    could you please post the Eric Genuis interview from Aug 30, 2023?

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