Tuesday, August 23, 2022

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Today is the Feast of St. Rose of Lima. Gus shares a short biography of her and talks about how she was very beautiful but wanted to be devoted only to God. She did things to make her appear unattractive like rub pepper on her cheeks to cause swelling. She also did extreme physical punishments, including wedging a crown of thorns on her head so severely that it had to be taken off carefully as it reached her skull. Gus says his mom believes St. Rose was a mentally ill. Gus asks listeners what they think.
Also, on yesterday's show, Kristen Van Uden from Sophia Institute Press calls in to talk about the Diary of St. Gemma. St. Gemma Galgani was a mystic who lived around the turn of the century and had several heavenly ecstasies. Gus asks listeners to call in if they've ever had a mystical experience.
We also hear from Fr. Timothy Vaverek who calls in to talk about his new book "As I Have Loved You: Rediscovering Our Faith in Christ." Fr. Vaverek talks about how having a relationship with Christ through his Church is more than simply memorizing prayers or teaching. He talks about the differences between having a personal relationship with Jesus and having an individual relationship with him.
And Gus goes over some news/notes of Catholic interest, including the death of disgraced former Bishop Archbishop Rembert Weakland. In addition to being a staunch critic of Catholic orthodoxy, Weakland was openly homosexual and disagreed with the Church's teaching on sodomy. He also covered up sexual abuse by clerics within his archdiocese. Gus also talks about how a crisis pregnancy center in Easthampton, Massachusetts was vandalized by pro-abortion advocates.
St. Rose of Lima, pray for us.


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