Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Also, Gus also gives updates on some pro-life films that are being made, including Roe v. WadeGosnell and Unplanned, the latter of which tells the story of friend of the show/channel Abbe Johnson. Afterwards, Gus talks about the outcome of the recent meeting between U.S. bishops and the pope where it appears, on the surface, that there will be little to no cooperation from the Vatican in the investigation of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick and how he had risen to the rank of cardinal despite rumors about his illicit sexual behavior. Gus voices his support for the U.S. bishops, and says that no stone should be left unturned and that the time for lip service is over. 

Gus talks about a story out of Australia where 85-year-old former Governor-General Bill Hayden has renounced his atheism and has returned to the Catholic Church. Thought he grew up Catholic, he was not baptized and, over the course of his adulthood, renounced any semblance of faith. Gus invites listeners who are, or know someone who is, a later-in-life conversion.

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  • Larry Connolly : September 21, 2018

    Heard a little of your expressed thoughts on the sexual scandal in the Church. Keep up the good work, practicing Catholics need a voice to lead our way through this scandal, especially since the Vatican has gone deaf.

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