Thursday, September 17, 2020

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Gus welcomes Canon Lawyer Jacqui Rapp. She's our regular canon lawyer and comes on time to time to answer canon law, aka the laws and rules of the Catholic Church, questions from listeners. As per usual, most questions deal with divorce, remarriage and annulments.

Later, Bob Dunning calls in to talk with Gus about yesterday's announcement that the Big 10 will now be playing football beginning October 24th.He and Gus go over the particulars of the announcement and how it will impact the playoffs.

And, Mark Randall, event chairman of the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, calls in to talk about the virtual event that will be taking place on September 23rd. The event was originally scheduled to take place back in March but the COVID-19 shutdown ended that.

Gus also shares another story of a priest who determined he was invalidly baptized. Fr. Zachary Boazman, of the Archdiocese of Okahoma City, has come forward, telling his archbishop that, upon review of his baptism video from 1992, the deacon used the wrong form.


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