Thursday, October 20, 2022

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Christen Pollo of Citizens to Protect Michigan Women and Children calls in to talk about an abortion bill that's on the ballot in her state called Proposal 3. As usual, abortion supporters use nice, safe language to describe the bill, but it truly is insidious. It would allow abortion and gender reassignment surgeries for minors without parental consent, allow abortion in all nine months of pregnancy and force doctors to perform abortions even if it goes against their conscience.
Also, Gus reads an email he received earlier this week from a listener who is a convert from Protestantism. In it, she tells Gus that she took offense at his and a guest's criticism of Protestants. She says she has great faith and did when she was Protestant and knows many faithful people in those denominations. Gus believes she was referring to his conversation last week with Catholic convert from Mormonism, Jeremy Christiansen, who talked about the over 30,000+ Protestant denominations. Gus states that he knows many faithful Protestants and would never mock the group as a whole. He just gets defensive about his faith and is critical of some Protestant theologies and ideas. He asks listeners to call in and give him some feedback on the email and how they believe he comes across on the air.
And Bob Dunning calls in to talk about the bold FG win he predicted in the Tennessee-Alabama game last weekend and picks the winners of Week 8's top college football match-ups with Gus.


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