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Gus talks about many of the Thanksgiving restrictions now in place in several states and asks listeners to call in and talk about how they feel about them and whether or not their plans have changed.

Later, Gus talks about a message he got from a listener named Barry in KC following yesterday's discussion on lukewarm-ness (see below for full message). He writes how it's hard to get on fire whose leaders don't stand up for Church teaching in an age where it's constantly under attack by politicians, etc. With all this, Gus asks listeners is the Church less attractive or more attractive today?

And, Bob Dunning calls in to talk about this week's best games and COVID cancellations.

Message to Gus:


  • Gus,

    I think the real lukewarmness is in the Church itself. It doesn’t stand up for its own teachings anymore. It bends with the popular winds now in society.
    This was never more clear than the weeks leading up to the election when Church leaders contorted themselves to apparently downplay the abortion issue, even to the point of saying it is “equally important” as positions on climate change or immigration. (I don’t believe there is an equivalent to the slaughter of the unborn and hearing that comparison made in a homily was truly heartbreaking for me.) Also, refusing to comment on the Pope’s apparent same sex union support is another example.

    I would venture a guess that a large number of Catholics are not truly aware of what the Church teachings actually are because so many of them now are likely to make people uncomfortable that they are seldom mentioned in passing.

    The killing of George Floyd was dealt with in my parish by posting links to people condemning all white people as racist or beneficiaries of “white privilege” as a way to combat racism rather than teaching judge not lest ye be judged.

    I could go on and on but in my opinion, more confusion than clarity is offered when the Church shows a lack of willingness to stand up for its teaching. It’s hard to be on fire for that.

    Barry in KC


  • Russell Nemecek: November 21, 2020

    I agree completely with Barry from KC. WE have gutless church leadership to say the least. My only suggestion to Barry is that I would find a new parish. I would NEVER attend that place again

  • Sharon Seaver: November 20, 2020

    Gus, I love your show and can relate to what to much of what you say. I have made the difficult decision to host Thanksgiving this year. We originally planned to go out, but that plan was jeopardized when the restaurant called and told us one of our 9 family members cannot attend due to an 8 person per table limit. How’d you like to tell one of your family members they can’t eat with you? I asked about splitting up the party and was told they cannot do that. I’m considering moving it to my house because this may be my fathers last Thanksgiving with us. It’s a personal decision and hopefully the right one. I’ve been going to mass too. Praying for our country and the church. When a vaccine comes out I will get it. Until then I will pray and wear a mask when I go out. Just want to say I respect your opinion and where you are coming from. Thanks!

  • May Sheehan: November 19, 2020

    Dear Mr. Lloyd,
    As a frequent listener to your show, I too wholeheartedly agree with Mari’s comment about your show today. I too was taken aback by your comments about the current pandemic we are experiencing. I don’t think anyone wants a shut down but I truly believe because of the lack of leadership from the President and his administration and his constant mixed messaging, blaming, misinformation and outright lies in order to please his base is what has caused this pandemic to continue raging. This public health crisis has become politicized to the point of whether you should wear a mask (and I’m a life long Republican). It has so clearly NOT ROUNDED THE CORNER and more and more people will continue to die because of a silly refusal to protect themselves and others with a mask. Just listen to actual frontline health professionals who have to be demoralized as they work tirelessly to save Covid patients as hospitals are filling up. I have parents in their late 80’s that I care for and my husband has several health conditions that are serious. I live in Oklahoma where their is quite a few that believe as apparently you do..even family members that I love dearly as they believe every word that comes from the President is truth which is most disturbing to me. In fact…somehow, they believe our President is the Savior. I have hosted Thanksgiving at my home for over 30 years for both of my husband and my families. My parents are not comfortable coming to our home and I agreed. It was a difficult decision to say that I am only hosting my immediate family (husband and adult kids) but I do it out of love and respect for them and all of our health. It has been an extraordinary year and although I am very sad about this, I understand that we will gather again sometime in the future and I am thankful to my God for all that it is in my life. Again, I was really offended how you described governor’s telling us they are forcing us to “stay home, wrapped in cellophane, wearing three masks.” My adult kids are in their 20’s and not as careful as my husband and I. Our immediate family will gather on Thanksgiving but we will also do it carefully with social distancing and most likely wearing a mask while we are not eating as they understand they don’t want to be responsible for giving it to my husband.

  • Esther Lazaga: November 19, 2020

    Dear Mr. Lloyd, You inspire me to be the best catholic I can be.
    I am a grandmother of 8 and great grandmother of 3, and I fear that we will soon be living in a socialist state. Having family from communist Cuba we know what it means to have your rights taken fro you. The first is your right to worship, then your arms (so you cannot defend your family) from there on you belong to the state. I believe that some Americans have no clue what it means to live in a socialist country. I pray my Rosary everyday in hopes that these people will wake up before it’s to late. GOD BLESS AMERICA🙏🇺🇸

  • Mari : November 19, 2020

    As a frequent listener, I have enjoyed your show and your positive outlook. You are able to look for the Christ-like responses to many situations troubling American Catholics today. This morning you let me down, and I am very disturbed by the very political approach you took to a health crisis. Perhaps you are not seeing evidence of the horrid Covid 19 in Florida but in the New York area it is real; it is not about your politics, and it is deadly. How you framed this morning’s discussion (your wording about governors’ restrictions was clearly biased and revealed your politics), and telling us that they are forcing us to “stay home, wrapped in cellophane, wearing three masks” was wreckless hyperbole. How are you serving your listeners? Are you assuring them Thanksgiving is not about the numbers of people sitting around a table loaded with food? No, you are telling your listeners why they shouldn’t be thankful for our leaders who are called upon to make unpopular decisions to protect our lives. I am a teacher. I spend very stressful days telling students to keep their masks on, keep safe distances, and sanitize. I don’t want to do this, and it certainly doesn’t make me popular. Would you call what I do too restrictive? I could look the other way, but I know the health and lives of my students and families depend on our vigilance in school. We are now seeing a steady and growing stream of students having Covid or needing to quarantine. Our school is still open for full-time learning, and I know it is because of the staff and our unpopular restrictions. Wouldn’t you agree Christ would want to keep people safe? Don’t encourage dissatisfaction for political purposes.

  • Duane: November 19, 2020

    I agree with this comment from Barry, in general. The root of this issue is poor formation. We are living in a society that results from letting the government raise our children. You cannot win the battle of forming them, when the public school has them from 6months old until they are 18.
    I recall this as a child, as I immediately called into question how science and the bible can co-exist and nobody could answer my questions. This is what happens with poor formation at home & at church.
    Later in life, I was challenged from the likes of people such as Frank Turek and Ravi Zacharias! They sparked a search for TRUTH within me. It was not their intent to lead me to Catholicism, but when you are honestly on a TRUTH quest, you will end up at the door step of the Catholic Church.
    Take back your children people!
    God Bless,

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