Thursday, May 3, 2018

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Gus talks about the Irish referendum on abortion, which will be voted on by the public on May 25th. One of Gus' favorite rock band, U2, has publicly come out urging their fans  to vote in favor of abortion. Although Gus is disappointed in their stance, he's still a fan and will always enjoy their music but will probably not be attending any concerts anytime soon. He asks listeners to call in and share their opinions.

Also, quite often when we do caller segments, Gus will get a caller who says something like, "I'm not Catholic but I thought I'd call in anyway." Gus asks his non-Catholic listeners to call in and talk with them about how long they've been listening and why.

And later, Mercedes Schlapp, Director of Strategic Communications at the White House, calls in to talk about the National Day of Prayer, which is today, its history and this year's theme which is "Prayer Brings UNITY."


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