Thursday, March 7, 2019

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Since yesterday was Ash Wednesday, Gus asks listeners how they received their ashes yesterday. Gus got his after the final blessing but most listeners say they got theirs after the homily. Gus also talks about churches that do "drive-thru" or "walk-up" ashes, where ashes are dispensed in lieu of mass and gets listeners' thoughts on that.

Gus also reads some Lenten fasting advice from the 5th century Pope St. Leo the Great's who boldly met with Atilla the Hun after the fall of the Roman Empire in 452 A.D.

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  • Anthony Kernan : March 07, 2019

    I went to a prayer service yesterday morning and got blessed ashes on my forehead. I am an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister and took ashes to a local hospital to distribute the blessed ashes in the hospital chapel. Drive-thru blessing with ashes is not any different. I had Catholics and people of denominations come for ashes.

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