Thursday, June 3, 2021

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Gus told the story of two high school valedictorians' speeches, one in MI and one in TX. You can read about them here and here. One wants to reference Christ in her speech but was initially disallowed, the other used her speech to promote abortion. 

Gus welcomed Noelle Mering to the show, author of Awake, Not Woke: A Christian Response to the Cult of Progressive Ideology to talk about the dangers of woke ideology. If you're not familiar with the agenda behind the platitudes, get this book!


  • Sheila Newton: June 07, 2021

    My son and I have tried multiple ways to access your podcast, sirius xm “does not recognize Gus Lloyd Seize the Day” opr any version of that title,etc. any suggestions truly LOVE to listen to the podcast aired on June 3rd. Blessings Sheila Newton

  • Gus Lloyd: June 04, 2021

    We don’t have transcripts of the show, but you can listen on the Sirius XM app. Thanks for listening!

  • Gus Lloyd: June 04, 2021

    The podcast is available on the Sirius XM app. Just look up Gus Lloyd or Seize the Day. It will be available for a week. Thanks for listening!

  • Robert Walker: June 04, 2021

    I would really like if you could post your monologue on how wokeness is against religion. I would like to retweet it.

  • Mary Bolus: June 04, 2021

    I can’t find your podcast. Could you help please?

    What is the title it is under?

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