Thursday, July 5, 2018

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This past Sunday's Gospel was the story of Jesus raising Jairus' daughter from the dead, which was the reading when Gus went back to mass for the first time in years following his daughter Emily's near-drowning experience, which ultimately led to his full reversion. He asks listeners if God ever used a tragedy or a near-tragedy to get their attention.

Also, Jason Wall, founder of the 177 Project, calls in to talk about which is an initiative from Adoration Artists designed to help spark a renewal in parishes across the country. Over the course of three months, more than a dozen of the most talented artists in Catholic music will split up into teams of two and visit all 177 different dioceses within the U.S. - including those in Alaska, Hawaii and St. Thomas. One thing Project 177 wishes to emphasize is the abundance of graces in going to Eucharistic adoration. Gus asks listeners who go to it what their method is. Do they pray? If so, are there particular prayers? Do they sit in silence? Do they listen to spiritual music?

Later, Gus gives away copies of “A Minute in the Church: The Mass” provided that those who get on the air leave it in their pew after Adoration.


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