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Based on his discussion yesterday on the Archbishop of Dublin's remarks that the Church is "alienating" its youth, Gus lists what he perceives as the Top 10 reasons why some people are alienated or turned-off to Catholicism. His Top 10 list of what turns some people off to Catholicism is:

1. Abortion

2. Contraception

3. Divorce/annulment

4. Women's role in the Church

5. Homosexuality

6. Clergy sex abuse scandal

7. Politics

8. Immigration

9. Liturgical abuses

10. "Other"

Gus invites listeners to call in and share why they think some people are "turned-off" to Catholicism.


  • Dan: July 20, 2018

    I loved this concept for a show today.
    My top three for the Church alienating Catholics are
    3. Too much change! We’re contorting and trying to please everyone, but failing to stick to what worked for 1962 years.
    2. Failing to stick to the Catechism and Tradition.
    1. Poor leadership!!! If the “shepherds” refuses to practice by both word and deed what we supposedly stand for, why would the sheep follow. People desire strong leadership.

    I think the top three for the Church alienating non-Catholics and cafeteria-Catholics are
    3. Priests (and bishops) who aren’t true to their oaths and commitments.
    2. Inconvenience of obligations of worship (doesn’t fit schedule of worldly things like football or admitting fault in one’s self)
    1. Sex. Satan has made this the focus of too many aspects of people’s lives, and the True teaching makes a stand against promiscuity, which “turns off” many.

  • Shelly : July 20, 2018

    I think the biggest problem is that many people in society wants to be entertained and have a all about me mentality. They don’t want to have old fashioned morals and the church tells the truth and doesn’t conform to society, nor should it.

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