Thursday, January 7, 2021

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Gus reacts to what happened yesterday in Washington D.C. where protestors stormed the Capitol Building forcing a state of emergency that required the National Guard and resulted in at least four deaths. He condemns all forms of lawlessness that were on display and talks about some of the reasons why this may have happened. Afterwards, he opens up the phones and gets listener reaction to the events that took place yesterday in Washington D.C.

And later, our college football expert Bob Dunning calls in to talk about DeVonta Smith winning the Heisman Trophy and Monday's National Championship game where he and Alabama will face the Ohio State Buckeyes.


  • J. Dorris: January 08, 2021

    Guys, The part that irks me about this episode of your show is you use news sources that portray Trump supporters, which are mostly Christian, in a negative light. You ever been to a Trump rally? I have gone a number of times and the comradery and love is clearly displayed and felt. The only other times I have seen this kind of comradery, is at March for Life rallies. It hurts to hear that people like you fall for the false narratives spun by the news media. So long as we cower and hide, we will continue to be censored, banned, ostracized, and physically/mentally abused. What I saw the other day was a few questionable characters portraying the “characterized/satirical Trump” supporters. I left the Catholic faith because it’s weak and its members vote for pro-abortion candidates, and the new pope is not a man of God given his political beliefs. I was hoping your show would lead me back to the faith, but if anything, I am furthered disgusted by the milqutoast/lukewarm practitioners of Christianity. What I saw the other day doesn’t match what I saw outside the Capitol. Furthermore, the National Guard was called out days ago. You need to ask yourself why did they call them out days ago? Anyway, I am very disappointed in you and with the Catholic Channel.

  • sharon bach opdyke: January 08, 2021

    I’ve tried calling into the show, always unable to get thru. I love Gus/hearing his show, but please make sure YOU correct YOUR info. I was THERE IN DC!!! Tons of Chinese, providing info on CCP/signing petitions, etc, TONS of elderly – w/c, scooters, walkers, Bible group at front of Capital. IT WAS A SET UP — We saw what we thought were Antifa (posing as ‘Trumpers’, NO police around to request help). Antifa was identified as who broke into Capital. I also have video of guy near reflecting pool — now ? if he was one also – trying to incite violent outbursts. Stay strong!!! Pray, Trump is the ONLY one that will FIGHT for all!!!

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