Thursday, January 31, 2019

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Gus plays a couple audio clips out of the state of Virginia where some legislators seeking to mimic the radical abortion laws recently passed in New York State. The first clip comes from the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates where Kathy Tran, delegate for Virginia's 42nd House district, while presenting her abortion bill, which would allow for abortions in the third trimester. When pressed by Todd Gilbert, representative of the 15th district, about whether or not her bill would allow for an abortion as the mother is giving birth, after much hemming and hawing, Tran was forced to answer yes. The second clip is of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, a former pediatric neurologist, who, on a radio program on WTOP in Washington D.C. spoke about how "compassionate" a third trimester abortion is, which has drawn much national outrage. Afterwards, Gus talks with his listeners about these clips and this rising issue.

Gus talks about theft at mass. Believe it or not, it happens and can be easy pickins for cell phones, purses, wallets, watches, coats, etc. He opens up the phones to those who've experienced this unfortunate event.


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