Thursday, February 16, 2023

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Inspired by today's First Reading from Genesis where God promises Noah that he will never again destroy the world through flood waters and marks that promise with the rainbow. It's a symbol of his promise for his faithful for the rest of time. Gus invites listeners to call in and share a time in their lives where God manifested a sign to them physically.

Also, Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak calls in to talk about his extremely popular book, "Give Up Worry for Lent." He explains to Gus how he was an inveterate worry from the time he was a kid and how it was only after his conversion experience that he started to let worrying go. He shares some pointers with Gus to help people start letting go of worrying.

Afterwards, Gus gives away a few copies of Gary's book "Give Up Worry for Lent" to five lucky listeners who call in.


  • Maria Iuliano: February 25, 2023

    Just wanted to comment on today’s “rainbow” theme. I was listening to Gus on the way to work, and lo and behold there was a full rainbow to the right of the freeway. As quickly as I saw it, made the connection with the theme on the radio, it quickly disappeared. Just wanted to share, because although many would say it was just a coincidence, all Gus’s listeners that believe in today’s theme, wouldn’t think so. :-)

  • David Wulff: February 20, 2023

    You read a holy card prayer today, and I was trying to find it on your site. Where would I go about finding that prayer?
    Deacon Dave

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