Thursday, February 1, 2024

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Gus welcomes a couple of great guest's to today's program. First up is J.J. WrightHe is the producer of the incredible contemporary Christian artist Brother Isaiah, who is now Fr. Isaiah, and his new album entitled “Poco a Poco.” After talking with J.J. a little about the project and his and Brother Isaiah’s backgrounds, he plays the lead single, “Blindman” and talk more about the album, the music industry and what their hopes are for “Poco a Poco.”

Next, Gus welcomes ultra-marathon runner Jimmy Coleman to the program. He has launched a new project called “The Adoration Ultra,” which combines his love for running and Eucharistic adoration. Last Friday, he put it into action by running 50 miles in Charlotte, North Carolina and stopped at five Catholic parishes along the way that had Eucharistic adoration. He talks about his experience and some of the conversations he had along the way. His goal, which independently ties in to the Eucharistic Revival currently going on in the Catholic Church, is to bring the message of the Eucharist, which is that it is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, to others.

Also, Gus talks about his 60 Second Reflection from today, entitled “They Preached Repentance,” which focuses on today’s Gospel reading where Jesus sends his 12 apostles and gives them instructions on what to preach and what to bring. The Gospel tells us they preached repentance, which means to change your mind and your ways. Gus talks about how that is something people didn’t like to hear then and especially don’t want to hear now, especially in Western culture. He says that even our priests and bishops don’t preach it as much as they should. Gus invites listeners to call in and talk about what the message of repentance means.


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