Thursday, December 20, 2018

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Gus talks about a few things that are close to his heart at Christmas time. One of them is people going through their first Christmas following the death of a loved one. Gus takes callers from listeners who are enduring just that. Afterwards, Gus talks with listeners who've experience Christmas miracles.

Later, Gus talks about the controversy surrounding Fr. Don LaCuesta, a Detroit-area priest, and the Hullibarger family whose 18-year-old son Maison took his own life on December 4th. At the funeral mass, Fr. LaCuesta's homily was not what he and the family agreed upon. The family feels he used it as an excuse to condemn suicide and decided to take this to the media. Gus plays the clip that appeared a few days ago 


  • Sharon Rovella: December 27, 2018

    I wonder if there was a vigil to reflect on the young man’s life.

    I see only reassurance of God’s love in a terribly painful situation. Could it be denial or guilt on the part of the parents that fueled such a violent reaction to such a pastor homily??

  • Jennifer Asiago: December 21, 2018

    I listen to Seize the Day each morning I drive my 13 year old twin sons to school. My children and I discuss the topics Gus Lloyd brings up, and their insights into the world and society inspires me knowing I am raising proud Catholic boys. I am dismayed to hear that the Archdiocese of Detroit has treated Fr. Don LaCuesta so wrong, and not standing by him. I listened to Gus read the homily that Fr. Don LaCuesta delivered at the funeral and I thought it was very comforting and on point with Catholicism. GOD is ever present everyday in all of our lives, but it is our unwillingness to say here I am GOD use me as your vessel. No one knows what Maison was going through or battling, but GOD did. I think it is Maison’s parents guilt that is driving them to speak to the media and ask for Fr. Don LaCuesta to be removed. HORRIBLE! The homily was as comforting and beautiful as a homily could be for someone whom decided not to trust his parents to go to, or even his priest, as he was raised Catholic, or to almighty GOD. Maison didn’t change his circumstance or situation, he ended his life and left his parents and siblings to question “why”. It saddens me to know this family that is hurting over their son’s terrible choice to end his life, has brought a scandal to the Church. It is disgusting and I am praying for Fr. Don LaCuesta and I sincerely hope the Diocese will stand by him.

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