Thursday, December 16, 2021

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Today is the final installment of Project Christmas 2021. Gus welcomes back the Children's Dream Fund and their new Executive Director Amanda Griffin. In a little under an hour, we raised over $13,000 for Gabriel, a young boy with Downs Syndrome who just finished his final chemo treatment for leukemia. To complicate matters, his dad was just diagnosed with lymphoma and is beginning treatment. Gabriel is a Star Wars nut and wants to go on a Disney Star Wars cruise with his family. Thanks to the Seize the Day listeners, we were able to make that dream come true! If you were unable to call in but would still like to donate, you may do so by clicking here.

Also, Eddie Trask of the Augustine Institute calls in to talk about the Amen App, which gives the daily readings, a Rosary to follow along with, Advent/Christmas prayers, the Bible in a Year and contemplations and one-minute inspirations with Chris Stefanick among many other things.

And, Gus talks about the Christmas with the Chosen Special. It's a Fathom Event that was only supposed to last for a week but has been so successful that it's been extended. Gus takes issue with one aspect, which depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary experiencing labor pains. Catholic tradition upholds that, since Mary was born without sin, she did not experience labor pains while delivery the Baby Jesus. Gus talks about the number of different religious advisors director Dallas Jenkins has on set and how the series presents a very accurate depiction of Jesus' life based on the Scriptures. He invites listeners to call in and give their opinions on the Christmas special.


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