Thursday, August 26, 2021

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This Saturday is the Feast of St. Augustine of Hippo. He is considered one of the most inspirational saints in Church history, as he was a brilliant man who lived a very pagan lifestyle. His mother, St. Monica, prayed unceasingly for his conversion. When he finally did, he became a priest and bishop who wrote and preached prolifically and is recognized as a Doctor of the Church. Traditionally, on his feast day, Gus will do "Augustine Day-by-Day" with listeners based off the book of the same title which contain pearls of wisdom from his writings broken down for 365 days. Gus moves the tradition to today and invites listeners to call in and give him a date from which he can read.

Also, Gus reads a comment that was posted on his Seize the Day page following yesterday's show from a listener named Nancy in response to yesterday's topic. Gus was talking about the National Catholic Bioethics Center's recent statement which said that vaccines must remain on a voluntary basis and that people should not be forced to take something into their bodies against their wills. In her comment, Nancy likened not getting the vaccine to people who don't evacuate when a hurricane strikes and that, people who choose to not get vaccinated should not believe that medical care is owed to them. She closes by asking him, "Why do you think your life is more valuable than mine." Gus, who is unvaccinated and spent six hours in the ER after contracting COVID recently, said that he never intimated such a thing. Gus asks Nancy if she's feel the same way if a family member who was unvaccinated contracted COVID and further asks, would Jesus refuse care to an unvaccinated person or would he let them just die? Afterwards, Gus gets reaction from listeners.

And, Fr. Leo Patalinghug calls in to give an update on his food truck, Plating Grace & Grub. Gus also asks him how he feels about potential vaccine mandates and what he's hearing from his fellow priests.

St. Augustine, pray for us!


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