Thursday, April 29, 2021

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Gus reads an Associated Press article regarding the USCCB voting in their June meeting on whether or not to pressure President Joe Biden into refraining from receiving holy communion over his views regarding abortion. Gus voices his support for the potential move, stating that it's about the president's soul and eternity and nothing else. He invites listeners to call in and share their thoughts.

Later, Dr. Anne Roat calls in to the show. She's the vocations vice president of Serra International, which is an organization dedicated to encouraging, fostering and supporting Catholic religious vocations. She talks about the organization's history, which dates back to 1939, what their mission is and how they've had to adjust through COVID.


  • Ann : April 29, 2021

    Mr Biden should not present himself for Holy Communion. However he should present himself to an abortion business to witness a couple abortions… Then… He should present himself for a true Sacramental Reconciliation.
    It is true as you said… Are the bishops concerning themselves for his Soul? They need to treat him as the Lost Sheep.
    Thanks for your ministry.

  • Don : April 29, 2021

    I listen to your show every morning on Sirius on my daily commute and love the topics you bring up and feel that the abortion issue and the churches (the church universal) response to it is one of the most important decisions we make, both corporately and individually. I was born and raised as a catholic but have continued my spiritual walk as an evangelical christian and have watched from the outside as the Catholic Church has moved this topic to the back burner while moving issues like climate change, immigration and human rights to the front. Christians of all faiths need to be firm on all of these issues! Even the ones that make us unpopular with the “spirit of the age”. Letting (even applauding) politicians who put forth legislation allowing for the killing of babies up to and even after birth will without a doubt be the downfall of this nation. We have a moral obligation to stand against it or we are no different than the Baalists who threw their babies into the fires to increase the harvest! Thank you for letting me vent and keep up the good work! If the Catholic channel had been around in the early 90’s, I might still be a practicing member of the catholic faith. I can say that when I hear your program in the morning and the people who call into you, it gives me hope that as sinners saved by God’s grace through Jesus, uniting around this issue especially, there is hope. Can you imagine the influence on our culture a united church universal could have?

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