Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Thomas More Society Executive Vice President and Head of Litigation calls in to talk about a case they’re arguing in front of the United States Court of Appeals involving Daniel Snyder, an Arconic metalworker who was fired in 2021 for making a singular religious comment on a company survey about the company’s use of a rainbow during Gay Pride Month. He stated that the rainbow is a symbol of God’s covenant with his people after the flood in the story of Noah in the Old Testament. Peter says that the Biden Administration, who have attorneys participating in this random case, is arguing in favor of religious discrimination.

Also, based on the last line from today's Responsorial Psalm, where the sacred author writes, “Many are the troubles of the just man, but out of them all the Lord delivers them.” Gus talks about how confusing this can be for us. Our lives are rife with struggles and sorrows of one kind or another. How has God delivered us if that stuff still persists? Gus says it comes from putting our trust in God despite all of this and recognize that there’s a purpose for all of this. Gus invites listeners to call in and talk about a time when God delivered them from some spiritual or physical malady.

Later, Gus goes over some new Catholic statistics released recently by the Vatican. Gus goes over some of the numbers, including how the number of baptized Catholics has grown and the number of priests decreased, but only very slightly, as has the number of seminarians. He also talks about how the Church continues to grow in Africa and South America.

And Bob Dunning calls in to talk about a number of things, including the weather. Bob talks about how he always desired to be a weatherman in the spirit of the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore. They also talk about the Monday eclipse, which neither Bob nor Gus were able to see with any degree of totality, but they talk about past eclipses they’ve witnessed. They also talk about the next big one in 2045.


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