Monday, October 2, 2023

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Today is the Feast of the Guardian Angels and Gus gets into the Catholic Church's teaching on what exactly angels are and how they function in the life of the Church. He shares his mother's guardian angel story from when he was a baby. Laying in a crib, his blanket got wrapped around his neck and one turn to the right may have ended up choking him to death. Something stirred his mom out of her sleep, and she rushed to the crib and undid the blanket. She believes her guardian angel intervened and woke her up. Gus invites listeners with guardian angel stories to call in and share them.
Later, Catholic theologian/author/speaker Dr. Scott Hahn calls in to talk about his latest book, "Catholics in Exile: Biblical Wisdom for the Journey Home." In it, he talks about the world we live in today, in which, morally, practicing Catholics are in exile, but it's nothing new. Catholics are often at odds with the ways of the world and he gives plenty of examples that offer encouragement to modern day Catholics.


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