Monday, November 5, 2018

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There are a lot of traditions, with a small "t", in the Catholic Church. A lot of them have been part of the fabric of our Catholic heritage for so long that we confuse it with a requirement. Such is the case with sitting or kneeling after communion. There's no set rubric for our posture after communion but a lot of folks think there is. Gus asks listeners how it's done at their parish and why they either remain kneeling or sit down after receiving the Eucharist.

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  • Sharon Rovella: November 08, 2018

    Two thoughts: First, Our church community/church family should not be distracted in their worship by our actions. We should be careful not to call attention to ourselves. The attention should go to God! Secondly—more importantly—during communion the liturgical documents ask us to SING the PRAYER/HYMN as part of the procession to receive Jesus. It is not just a song, it is communal prayer just like the Our Father. ALL should be singing it and THEN pray their private prayer during the time after the hymn is completed and we are asked to stand for the final prayer. In my mind, this point is much more important than whether we stand, sit or kneel. No excuses!

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