Monday, November 29, 2021

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Gus talks about the differences in how the world celebrates Christmas and how the Church celebrates it. For Catholics, the Christmas season begins on December 25th. For the world, it starts as early as September and ends on December 26th and lasts for about 20 days. Gus asks listeners to share their Christmas timetables. At what point do they begin decorating, putting up the tree and doing their Christmas shopping.
Later, Cory Howat, president of #iGiveCatholic, calls in to talk about Giving Tuesday and his organization which assists people who wish to contribute to a Catholic charity.
And it's Monday so that means Gus does a round of Tell Me Something Good with listeners. Afterwards, Gus talks about his Ohio State Buckeyes losing to their rival Michigan Wolverines in college football this past Saturday and said the Lloyd household was pretty bummed out this weekend. Gus invites listeners to call in for a kvetch and complain segment, which he often promises to do for complainers during his weekly Tell Me Something Good segments.


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