Monday, July 2, 2018

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Gus invites his producer Scooterman, Scott Shea, on to talk about his pet, a pug named Eunice. She suffered a stroke this weekend and will be put to sleep a little later on this morning. Scott talks about his dog, which he bought 17 years ago with his college graduation money, and how he and his family, including two children who've know her their entire lives, are coping with losing a big part of their lives.

After talking with Scooterman, Gus talks about the fate of our pets. The Church teaches that only humans have an immortal so and, therefore, are the only creatures that go to heaven or hell. But, as pet owner, that can be tough to hear. Gus asks listeners what they believe.

Also, today is Gus' brother Gary's birthday. Gus and Gary are "Irish twins," which means they were born inside of 12 months of each other. For the next 15 days, they will both be the same age. Gus asks listeners who are Irish twins, or who have Irish twins in their family, to call in and talk about what that's been like throughout their lives.


  • Shelly Seay : July 03, 2018

    I believe animals will be with us when the new earth comes down as referenced in Revelation. The reason I think this is in the beginning God made us to be with the animals and then in Isaiah 11:16 it talks how the Lion will lie with the sheep and a little child shall lead them meaning all the animals will live in peace. Also, if you look at the Nativity Story, the animals all knew that Jesus was born. Jesus was born in our minds only to save mankind, but I think God came down as a human (Jesus) and sacrificed himself, not just to save us, but to save the whole world. Animals included. When I think about what it will be like when the new world comes down and we get to go live there. I think of the movie titled “The Secret Garden”. I think we will all be about 10 years old forever and the animals will all stay relatively young too. We will never have to worry about grown up things and Jesus will walk among us and live with us forever and ever and ever. That’s why the Divine Mercy Chaplet says Have Mercy on Us and the Whole World. That my view on it anyway.

  • Peter: July 02, 2018

    I do believe that all our pets do go to heaven. As our golden retriever was suffering with cancer, we received signs that the Holy Spirit did Infact comfort and communicate this. Eg:. There was an actual Catholic priest who did tell us that there comes a time when God calls all his creation home….our pets are included.

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