Monday, April 1, 2019

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Gus talks about the impressive weekend the movie Unplanned had at the box office. It debuted at 1,000 screens nationwide and brought in $6 million, beating out Captain Marvel on a per screen basis. Gus talks with listeners who went and saw the movie about what they thought about the movie and what the atmosphere was like in the theater. Actor Brooks Ryan, who portrays Abby Johnson's husband Doug, calls in to talk about the audition process, how the producers told him of the risk involved in acting in this film and what it was like making it. He and Gus also talk about the potential legacy of this movie.

Also, Gus reads a couple of reviews of Unplanned, including a very negative one from the UK online newspaper the Guardian and a positive one from a pro-choice movie reviewer, Bridgette Bayley of the Central Florida Post, who talks about how this movie challenged her beliefs.

Later, Maureen Flynn, chairwoman for Coalition for Pray and Fast for America 2019, calls in to talk about their movement to battle scandal, division and crises in our country and Church.

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  • Tom Holt: April 02, 2019

    Thanks for calling attention to Unplanned. We saw it tonight (Monday), and it was powerful. Lightly attended, as one would expect on Mon evening, and everyone was very quiet at the end. While it won’t win any artistic merit awards (the PP diva was a tad cartoony), it fairly portrayed both sides and the reality of the abortion industry. It may not win many converts, but it provides pro-lifers with strong info and may spark new urgency to the pro-life cause. All Catholics and pro-life people should see it.

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