Friday, October 19, 2018

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Gus plays a couple of clips from last night's Al Smith Dinner in NYC, which featured comedian Jim Gaffigan as the emcee and outgoing U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley as the keynote speaker. Gus played a funny clip from Jim Gaffigan as well as a clip where Nikki Haley addresses the atrocities of the clergy sex abuse scandal rocking the  Catholic Church but reinforces that, as bad as that is, it shouldn't overshadow the amazing work done by the Catholic Church in some of the darkest, most impoverished countries in the world. Gus comments that Catholic bashing is en vogue lately but reminds people that, like Church teaching and many of its members, we should never stop doing good and encourages listeners to be Catholic anyway despite all the bashing.

Also, Monday is the Feast of St. John Paul II. Since Gus won't be live, he welcomes Ken Balbuena, director of pilgrimage and visitor services at the Saint John Paul II Shrine in Washington D.C. Ken talks about the saint's legacy and what special events they have planned on his feast days.

And, in honor of his pilgrimage to the Holy Land next week, Gus gives away Holy Land Rosaries to listen as long as they promise to give it away to somebody.

Gus also talks with Bob Dunning about this weekend's best football match-ups and engage in an Intentional Rosary for Prayer Time.


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