Friday, February 22, 2019

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Gus is joined by Crux's John Allen who is in Rome reporting on Pope Francis' Bishops meeting to discuss the clergy sex abuse crisis. Gus asks John to explain to his listeners why they're having this meeting, the big events from day one, which was yesterday, and what, if anything, he thinks will come out of this.

Afterwards, with the clergy sex abuse summit currently underway in Rome, Gus asks his listeners to call in and rate, on a scale of zero to 10, how much trust they in the Church hierarchy to assume any responsibility for the lack of action for decades and to ensure higher accountability going forward.

And, once a month, Gus likes to pray an Intentional Rosary with listeners during Prayer Time. Gus welcomes them to call in with their prayer request and, after talking about it with him, pray one Hail Mary together. For years, Gus struggled with the Rosary, not praying it very much because it was long and kind of boring and he was easily distracted. After having an epiphany while on retreat three or four years ago, and being introduced to the Intentional Rosary, Gus' opinion changed and he's since became a dedicated Rosary prayer. He promised the Blessed Virgin Mary that, once a month, he'd pray it with listeners on his show.


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