Will He Find Faith?

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In today’s Gospel reading from Luke 18, Jesus tells the story of a widow who continues to bother an unjust judge for a decision. The unjust judge renders a just decision for her because of her persistence.

This Gospel reading ends with a question of Jesus. “But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” There are times when we may wonder that very thing even today.

When it comes to religion (or lack thereof), the fastest growing group in America is the nones – people who are not religiously affiliated. More and more people are falling away from the practice of any faith. This may give us a desire for Jesus to return soon – while there are still some faithful around. Let’s make sure that we’re always one of those, and encourage others to be as well.

Father, keep us ever faithful, and strengthen our evangelistic zeal, that we might encourage others to have faith in Jesus. Amen.

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