Will He Find Faith?

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The time is coming when all things will be made new. Our first reading today from Wisdom 18 and 19 speaks of this. In the Gospel reading from Luke 18, Jesus tells a story about a widow and a judge.

The judge is dishonest. He fears neither God nor man. The widow asks him to render a judgment. For a long time he is unwilling to do so but, after much persistence from the widow, he renders a just decision. The story is about persistence in faith and prayer. Jesus ends with a question. “But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

I believe the answer to Jesus’ question is yes. How much faith He finds is another matter altogether. More and more people are turning away from faith. The ranks of atheists and “nones” continues to grow. Thus, faith is waning. That’s why we must stay the course; be persistent in faith and prayer.

Lord, we pray that when the Son of Man returns, He will find faith in us. May we always hold fast to that faith. Amen.

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