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In the first reading today from Isaiah 49, we hear this question: “Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb?” Now, you would think that that is a rhetorical question. Yet it isn’t. We have all heard cases of mothers doing unspeakable things to their children. Here is how God answers the question: “Even should she forget, I will never forget you.” God's love for you is unshakable; stronger even than the most intimate of human relationships – that of mother and child.

In the Gospel reading from John 5, Jesus refers to God as “My Father.” This made the Jews want to kill Jesus all the more. He was equating Himself as equal with God. Jesus here begins to reveal the mystery of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Of course, His hearers could not understand. Two thousand years later we still cannot completely understand. It is a mystery. Yet Jesus said it; we must believe. Jesus ends today’s Gospel passage with this: “I cannot do anyting on my own…because I do not seek my own will but the will of the one who sent me.”

We see that to be true in every instant of Jesus’ life. He always sought the Father’s will. I think it begs the question: As disciples of Jesus, are we imitating Him in this area of our lives? Are we always seeking out the Father’s will? Or are there times and areas in our lives where we’re content to only seek out our will? Perhaps with our finances. Perhaps in living out our sexuality. Jesus gave us the Church to help us understand God’s will for humanity. So ask yourself today: Whose will are you seeking to accomplish today?

Father, show us those places in our lives where we are seeking out only our own will. Help us to consult you and seek out your will in every area of our lives. Amen.

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