Wheat or Weed?

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Today’s Gospel reading from Matthew 13 is the parable of the weeds and the wheat. A bad guy comes and sows weed seeds into a man’s wheat field. When the servants find out, they ask the master if they should pull the weeds. The master says that they will be separated at harvest time.

Jesus goes on to explain the parable. The weeds are the children of the evil one and the wheat the children of the kingdom. They will co-exist until the end. And so it is with the Church. Not everyone in the pews has pure motives. There are weeds within our midst. They may look as normal as can be. They may even wear collars. Most of the time, only God knows for sure into which category they fall.

I’m sorry…did I say “they.” Perhaps I should have said “we.” You see, we have a choice as to what category we want to be in. We can choose to be wheat. Or we can choose to be weed. My spirit cries, “Wheat!” But my flesh says, “Ah, just a little weed. What’s it going to hurt?” The choice is ours…weed or wheat?

Father, forgive us for those times that we are a weed in your garden. Help us to be wheat today. Amen.

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