What Will this Child Be?

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The prophets were God's messengers. And John the Baptist, "the new Elijah," was the greatest of the prophets. In today's first reading from Malachi 3, we read the prophecy of the messenger coming before the LORD.

In today's Gospel reading from Luke 1, we read about the naming of John. After his father Zechariah confirmed that "John is his name," all the people in the hill country of Judea asked, "What, then, will this child be?"

As a father of four (now grown) children, I think this is a common question, especially for parents. We all have desires for our children, probably from the moment we become aware of their existence, usually a few weeks after conception. My prayer has always been that my children will always be open to God's will, and become all that God desires them to be. That prayer started on day one, and will last for eternity.

Father, may all of our children always be attentive to your will, and become all that you desire them to become. Amen.

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